Double Row Cutaway 20 Pairs of Jingles

Color: Red with black handle
Handheld Plastic Cutaway Tambourine
Shape: Half Moon
Double rows of jingles
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Product Details


●  Color: Red with black handle

●  Handheld Plastic Cutaway Tambourine

●  Shape: Half Moon

●  Double rows of jingles

●  20 pairs of jingles

●  Length: Approx. 10" x 8"

●  Model No. : HTTB01

●  Item Name: Small percussion,tambourine, Double Row Cutaway 20 pairs of Jingles

●  Material: Plastic and steel

●  Sound structure: steel

●  MOQ: 300 pcs

●  Color: green, purple,yellow,blue,red with black handle

●  Packing: 1pcs plastic bag + 1 big carton box

Product Pictures: