How to Clean and Maintain Ukulele?

- Feb 13, 2019-


Ukulele is a favorite instrument by many people, and it also need pay much attention to maintenance. Below are some small methods about ukulele cleaning and maintenance.


In order to keep the lute body clean and moist, you can often use the special instrument to clean the lute body.


Despite the body, the plate also need pay much attention.Especially in the kerry which usually refers to the board which is made by rose wood.This kind of wood often have many  pore, and it can’t be painted,after playing for a long time so easy accumulation of dirt, also easy to lose the wood oil, which surface is rough and even cracking problems.


So every time you change the strings, you can use a cleanser to clean the fingerboard, and then you can nourish it with oil, which will keep the ukulele in good condition.


There are all kinds of Musical Instruments dedicated clean care kits for sale, their effect is very good, and the consumption of these things are very small, for the average players can calculate the one-time investment, so it does not bother to look for other alternatives, It is very necessary to purchase professional care suit and it is cost-effective.

Edit by Hodor Wong