4 tips to maintain and take care of your ukuleles

- Dec 13, 2018-

Ukulele is just very simple to learn in the introduction level,but still to be more professional you need take more time to practise. While many people may not practice after sometimes learning. So,how to maintain it correctly and perfectly at this time? Height Musical Instrument CO.,ltd will tell you how to take care your ukulele when not play it, welcome to read!

spruce solid top and rosewood ukulele 3-3

High-grade ukulele is made from well-crafted craftsmanship and materials, so it is particularly vulnerable.

1.Remember do not put ukulele on your desk or on the floor.

2.Also pay attention to the scratches caused by your zipper and buttons.

3.Pay attention to the temperature difference, don't let the cold and sudden changes in temperature and humidity , bcs the sudden changes will cause damage to ukulele.

4.Usually avoid ukulele in the sun (playing the ukulelesoutside in the summer as far as possible in the shade), do not stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time, do not get close to the heating. If the air is too moist, put some desiccant in the case.

The above are four tips from our HEIGHT ukulele factory and if you want know more pls contact us,hope the above suggestions do great helps.

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