6 advantages of cajon drum box compare with traditional drum set

- Dec 07, 2018-

Compares with traditional drums like drum set, Conga or other drums ,the cajon have so many advantages as its easy taken ,no need electric, and also can be played with many kinds of musical instrument with its high and deep bass tone,so its a very good selection for percussion lovers.Here listing 6 advantages of our HEIGHT cajon box.


1, Easy to carry. The HEIGHT cajon drum is light and small and easy to carry. In particular, the portable folding box drum popular in recent years is folded to a thickness of only a few centimeters. It is very convenient to play when you play it.


2, Easy maintenance. Because the HEIGHT cajon box has no animal or plastic drums, it does not have the risk of bursting the cajon drum. It also saves the tedious task of changing the drums.


3, The cajon will looks like a piece of furniture. No instrument can sit as a stool like it. It is a real and playable piece of furniture.


4, A wide range of uses. Whether it is a family, a school or a company, you can usually sit on a stool and play some rhythm while you are resting. Not only can you relax, but also increase the cohesive effect.


5, The entry is simple. Easy to get started, it's easy to learn even without any music foundation.


6, Affordable. Compared to the drum kit, the cajon is much cheaper.


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