7 advice for cajon drum beginners to become a professional ad best cajon box player

- Nov 24, 2018-

How to become a processional cajon player? Our professional cajon box teacher have 7 advice for cajon beginners which will do great help for guiding them in right learning way and become more and more professional.


1. There are a lot of drum friends whowant tolearnplaya song whenin their first time cajon learning. In fact, this is a misunderstanding, because for people who don’t have any music foundation, this is impossible. You don’t have any music knowledge. How can youplay out the accompaniment of a song directly?

2.Often there are some drum friends looking for the cajon box drummusic scoreof some songs. Some songs I have never heard of. So I will find thesong outat this timeand listening,thenI found these songs very simple and easy to play, while they cannot play it out even its simple song. So does it makes sense to give them the drum music score? Even I gave them, they still cannot play it perfectly.

3.I used to teach people to play guitar. Some students ran to tell me that I want to learn this song. I have to learn this song. I don’t care about other songs. I have to learn this song. I will learn this one. At this time, I told him that learning guitar is not like this. The guitar has chords. You need to learn to change the chords before you can learn this song. If you know how tochange the chords,you can play all the songs.

4.The school box drum will also appear the problem just mentioned, many people have to learn a song, they do not know that to learn this song requires a lot of basic knowledge.But some teachers do not care so much, well, you have to learn this song, I teach youand lessons seems very perfect.But for a beginner, he can't learn, a beginner who can't even beat the four-tone, you let him playsolodirectly,how could it bepossible? He can not even stabilize the basic rhythm type.Those teachers don’t care how much you learned and if you learned nothing, that is your problem.So if you want to find a good drum teacher ,the first thing he should teach you is basic knowledge other than teach you how to play a song directly.

5.So learningall kinds of musicalinstruments are like thisway, don't be too impetuous, there is no quick way. Basic knowledge and some basic skills must be learned. Learning musical instruments is a long and arduous process. It is very important to master the correct learning method in this process. For example, the wrong method of learning only one song is not advisable. If you study this way, learning for a long time will not only hurt you but also your self-confidence. This method of learning is not only fast but also slow.

6.Some people have said that I started learning from the basics according to what you said, but I can't learn. The more I learn, the less interesting I am. My suggestion is: "Give up, life is not just playing drums." Many people do not learn after half a study, too muchexamples, you are no longer interested in it, forget it, don't be too persistent. Besides,there are so many people who don't like percussion,they think itstoo noisy, they feel that they are not doing right work. At least, you are not these people, maybe you will fall in love with this instrument in the future..

7.So if you really love to play cajons, drums, and still want to stick to it, then stick to it! keep on and you will be succeed ! do what you like.It’s a cool thing to learn a musical instrument!

In one word,do what you like and do it in right way ! Wish all of you will find the best way to learn cajon drums,ukulele,guitars,kalimbas and other musical instruments. And wish you become a great musicans!

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