A Bag to Protecting You Game Card

- Apr 20, 2019-

Designed to meet your card‘s protection, our case is made of high-quality materials to prevent damage. The Caseling Card Case can hold up to 630 cards. Just like the card anti-human master game and the expansion suit and holiday suit, you can play the most popular card games in the United States no matter where you go. Alternatively, you can keep the extension set and the custom set. In our convenient case, the options are completely endless.

The soft interior provides the highest level of protection for your most valuable cards, while the zipper ensures that your card fits securely into the box. What’s more, you can also get a wristband that makes it easy to carry and easily transport your favorite cards wherever you go! Some of the most notable benefits include: - Includes 4 removable crossovers. – Up to 630 cards can be accommodated. – Soft internal protection card is protected from damage. – The wristband can transport your card comfortably. Care about your card? Go to the height official website and order your Caseling Small Case now! Click the “Add to Cart” button to buy now.

Hard Quality EVA Material Case For Card Games

Card game case; suitable for all standard poker games, such as: human cards, crabs to adjust humidity, exploding kittens, never had, drunk or stupid, super, stage 10, Pokemon, Magic Party, Poker, Yugioh, etc. Wait.

HOLDS 630 CARDS; our convenient card holder can hold up to 630 cards. – Includes 4 removable crossovers for your convenience.

Soft interior; we pride ourselves on our high quality case with a soft interior lining that keeps all your cards in one place and protects them. No more damaged cards!

Zipper; Caseling cots can be securely closed with a zipper so your card will be securely embedded. In addition, our case is equipped with a wrist strap for your comfort.

Dimensions: 10.24*7.49*2.95inch / 260*190*75mm -small size– Click the orange button to order now!

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