A Great Concert Ukulele Bag

- Apr 09, 2019-

This is a great concert ukulele bag, which is a good choice for musicians who prefer a comfortable and safe instrument bag. This bag has a pleasant color and feel, and perfectly holds the ukulele. It is made of tweed and is the best on the market today. This is a good ukulele bag that comfortably accommodates and protects your ukulele from scratches, exposure to dust and any unwanted effects. The bag looks good and is black. This is a good choice for your ukulele.

Concert Ukulele Bag 20mm


a. This concert-sized box has a luxurious interior that fits your ukulele.There is a compartment inside, and there is a compartment outside where things can be placed.

b. Includes shoulder straps for easy transport.

c.This is a ukule hardshell bag, which is suitable for almost all concert ukuleles (except for the oversized concert ukulele).Inside the bag below the neck of the instrument there is a compartment where you can store your accessories.This durable nylon ukulele bag is lined with a fleece lining that feels great and strong.

d.This ukulele bag is made from cationic cloth and it is scratch-resistant.There is a 210T nylon deep lining, padded from the inside for proper placement of the instrument. It is very soft and gives a great feeling.There are brown pipes around the top and bottom covers to ensure the strength of the structure.The accessory compartment is very spacious and has a lid.The bag has three gold-tone metal latches and a comfortable leather soft cover handle.

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