A Very Nice Bag for Great Game Night--The Height Board Game Bag

- Apr 09, 2019-

The Height board game Bag offers two strap solutions. The top of the bag is a standard lifting strap. There are also two backpack straps on each side of the bag. However, although this is a bag designed to handle the weight of a single cajon drum rather than a bunch of board games, this bag is still very reliable. And its a best solution for crazy game night !

Portability: When not in use, the bag is easy to fold and can be stuffed into a standard-sized backpack with some effort. The price is not high, it will meet your consumption standards, this solution provides you with a delicious price tag. These bags are easy to buy and easy to obtain.This board game package is a very rugged storage solution. The fabric is stitched very well.

height board game bag

Since the carrying strap of this bag is at the top of the bag, this determines how the bag is loaded. This is important because the shape of the bag also determines the type of game the bag can actually accommodate. For this bag, you can almost plug in 5 big games or 10-30 games, so that means you can easily put 5 TTR-sized boxes into it, if you don’t mind putting it in there, May be the seventh. However, you can’t adapt to that situation, and you certainly can’t wear longer, irregular games there unless they stand at their ends. This means that every other game in the bag must also be stored at their end, which will greatly affect how many games can be stored.

Also worth noting is this board game bag,this bag is a top bag, but it can carry a similar amount of games inside. This Height board game bag has two handles that extend along with the Velcro straps to the sides of the bag. Not only is this more durable, but it also provides a more stable and uniform load distribution than other bag from the top lifting load instead of the top.

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