Advantages and Disadvantages of Solid wood ukulele

- Mar 17, 2020-


1. The Solid Wood ukulele Music volume is deep and vigorous. Not only the simple sound is loud, but also the sound is very layered, and the Laminate wood ukulele is often only loud, but the sound field is relatively thin.

2. Each band of the Solid Wood ukulele is very balanced, and each string can play a delicate tone, especially when playing some music with outstanding chord sounds. This advantage is even more obvious. That kind of dynamic is incomparable with Laminate wood ukulele. The nuances of touching the strings with fingers are a good opportunity for the performance of the Laminate wood ukulele.

3. The dynamics are obvious. What is dynamic? I concluded that this is something that can only be understood, and when you understand what is dynamic, you will find how beautiful it is. In brief, it is the detailed performance on the opponent, the plucking force, the pressing force, and so on. There can be obvious differences, and each can perform very well.

23 Inch Solid Spruce Wood Cutaway Style Ukulele

4. The levels of each string can be well integrated when sweeping, but it can also be heard that each string is working in its own "post", and the Laminate wood will often mix together.

5. The sound field of the Solid Wood is much wider than the Laminate wood. This is because the vibration frequency of the veneer guitar is more complete. It can have a good "cooperative" relationship with the backside plate inside the box. The effect will make the sound more "huge".

6. This aspect is also determined by the "innate conditions" of the Solid Wood itself. The good vibration frequency, complete, delicate, and balanced make the sound last longer in the cabinet, that is, the sustain will be better, so the delay After the sound is good, it will naturally form a natural reverberation. This feeling is usually particularly obvious when the sound is broken.

7. Sustainment is excellently displayed on the Solid Wood. Of course, this has something to do with the neck and the fingerboard. However, under the same conditions, Sustainability is more vivid on the Solid Wood.

High Gross Laminate KOA Wood Ukulele


Because the wood has an annual ring, the texture and structure of each part of the entire board are not exactly the same, or the coefficient of each part of the wood expansion and contraction is different when the wood is dry, and the Solid Wood is more susceptible to weather changes than the Laminate wood. Excessive moisture intrusion gradually expands the piano. Most commonly, the panel will begin to bulge (or swell), and the surface of the panel will begin to distort.

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