An introduction letter from castanets

- Nov 18, 2020-

Today I want to introduce a product to you, our wooden castanets. Castanets (made of recessed hardwood, pinched between the fingers, especially played by Spanish dancers)

Castanets are mainly used as an accompaniment for singing and dancing, and later also used in European art music, with two shell-shaped pieces of ebony or mahogany hitting the sound. In the beginning, two pieces of wood were tied to the thumb and middle finger respectively and then changed to be played in the palm of the hand, or placed on a wooden handle, or played with the two-handed board. The castanets made a hard clicking sound, lively and crisp, full of characteristics.

Structure: It consists of a palm-sized, shell-shaped flat wood chip. Both wood chips are tied with a string, which can be put on the thumb.

The material used: It is mostly made of hardwood such as mahogany or ebony with excellent sound conductivity.

Musical instrument characteristics: It belongs to the bamboo and wood sounding musical instruments, without a fixed pitch. When playing, hang the two castanets on the thumbs opposite each other like shells, and use the other four fingers to flick one of the castanets, in turn, making it tap on the other to make a sound. The sound is crisp and translucent, not only can directly beat simple beats for singing and dancing but also can play a variety of complex and wonderful rhythm patterns, which is unique.

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Recently we have received some inquiries about castanets, and this product is very popular. If you are in the musical instrument industry and are interested in this product, please feel free to contact us.


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