Analysis of the development and prospects of Chinese board game industry

- Dec 05, 2018-

Analysis of board game industry

The development of the board game industry and the analysis of the prospects, the country now encourages the development of independent management, and vigorously promote the development of college graduates, and is just another year of graduation season, many graduates are also gearing up to create their own business. Among the many investment and entrepreneurship projects, the board game bar is welcomed by many young people with its green and healthy leisure and entertainment mode. From the overall situation, the government is also encouraging the entertainment industry to develop in this direction. If you don't know about the board game industry, You Cube will analyze the development and prospects of the current board game industry.

In a broad sense, table games is a very broad type of game, including all games that play on the desktop, even poker and mahjong. Of course, the table games we are talking about now refer to the layout games. These games usually use special layouts, use a large number of props to visualize the flow of production and trading of multiple resources, and closely combine them under a unified cultural background. . Through this kind of game, you can train people's thinking ability, memory, association and judgment. You can learn how to get along with others, communicate, and focus on mutual intelligence and analytical computing skills.

The board game advocates the "unplugged" game. In fact, it pulls the game back from the Internet to the desktop. Several people surround a table. Not only can they play various roles, but they can also enhance each other. Communicating to understand and deepen friendship, this unique "catalyst" is not available in the popular online games. Moreover, the civilized board game can keep some people away from the cyber violence game, in addition to bars, K songs and other places, it also provides a healthy and relatively relaxed leisure space for young people.

Since the tabletop game entered the Chinese market in 2005, the development trend has been increasing. Nowadays, the house life caused by various reasons of society has emerged, and the board game as a face-to-face team game has gradually changed people's life. Nowadays, the younger generation is pursuing individualized development and pursuit of trends, and board games are a trend, so they are loved by young people. This is another fashion and personality way for young people to socialize.

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