Anglo Saxon Lyres The original Hearpe of 500-1000AD

- Mar 20, 2019-

The Lyre was always an instrument that was accessible and easy to play, true whether we are talking about the archaic Greek Lyres or Anglo saxon lyres, it was an instrument that could be passed around and just about anyone could block a few chords and strum.

At the same time it was the instrument of the Bards, and in the right hands the virtuoso could do magical things with it. It explains why some instruments were given names and accredited with special powers.

Spruce Wood 10 String Lyre Harp

Beowulf was written down in Anglo Saxon and preserved and is a great epic story, Great Bardic performance example here by Bagby for extra inspiration:The basic Lyre techniques of what is called "block and Strum" is the foundation of the playing.

Depending on the tuning fingers of the left hand damp or block certain strings as all the strings are strummed.As there are only a handful of Songs that date from the period the lyre was most played, To further extend your repertoire you can do What Mark Allen Barnes has done and use folk and modern songs to strum and sing to.

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