artificial intelligence

- Sep 07, 2019-

After the rise of artificial intelligence, applications have spread throughout all walks of life. In addition to some startups in the music field, now giant Sony has joined in, and the company revealed that the researchers have created a machine learning model that can create tracking drums. According to Sony, artificial intelligence can create a rhythmic drum rhythm model based on the instruments used in the song.


To train artificial intelligence systems, Sony researchers collected data on 665 different songs from popular music, rock and electronic music, all of which have the characteristics of a rhythm instrument. It can be used as a separate 44.1K track. Through the front and back tempo of these track signals, the researchers set drum beat samples at all amplitude peaks to create a drum beat rhythm, regardless of how the song's rhythm, speed or duration changes. The intelligent system conditionally generates a drum rhythm model based on the characteristics of other materials around it.


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Sony isn't the only company that is trying to use artificial intelligence to help music. Facebook used artificial intelligence to turn one type of music into any other style. Google also tried artificial intelligence to create art. They created a name. The project for Magenta aims to create musical and visual creations. Other startups use machine learning to create musical pieces of the guitar or even complete music.

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