Bag Trolley maintenance

- Dec 17, 2019-

1. Go out and check carefully and wipe the dusty appearance of the appearance with a wet towel, or set it up. Don't look at these small details, you can do it at least every time your bag is longer than others.

Board game bag Foldable Trolley

2. Check if the zipper runs smoothly, and apply a little wax by the way. If there is no waxy scented soap on the zipper, it is mainly used to lubricate the zipper. On the one hand, protect the zipper, and pull the zipper back and forth. The slider is fully exposed to grease, and some merchants have a special zipper lubricant.

3. Where is the trolley case placed? Under the bed? On the top of the window, the utility room, the principle of storage is that it can not touch the water, prevent the sun from exploding, prevent the fire from roasting. It can be placed under the hanging wardrobe, and under the bed.

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