Basic guitar lessons

- Jan 03, 2021-

Learning the guitar is not difficult, the key is to stick to playing, master a few training points, and improve your level!

As a beginner, what training should be done, mainly as follows:

One: Scale Training

What is the scale? Simply put, it is 1234567i. The seven notes are in the position of the guitar. Use your left hand to press the right hand to play. Practice constantly. Start training from C major, from 6-string bass 3 (microphone) to 1 string high-pitched 5 (so, 1 Third-string), continuous training.

After practicing, start chromatic training, which means that the four fingers of the left hand are pressed from the first fret to the fourth fret, and practice one string by string, which is also called grid climbing. Mainly practice the hand-pressing force and the coordination of pulling the strings. As a novice guitar beginner, it is generally difficult to practice this chromatic scale because it is too monotonous. Many people want to play a song quickly. This is normal. But if you want to play the guitar well, you must go at this stage. Go back and practice climbing grids. This is a basic skill.

Two: Left fingering
The most important point of left fingering training is to practice the strength of the little finger, especially when pressing chords, be sure to use the little finger more, such as F chord, Dm chord, C chord, including c7 chord, G chord use the little finger to press the 3 of the first string Taste so that you can make good use of the little finger when you are playing after the classics, so as not to be able to switch flexibly when playing the harmony solo, which will cause you to miss the beat.

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In addition, the left-hand training is to press the string 2 to 4 mm above the metal fret, so that the sound that pops out is fuller, too upbeat, too dull, and it doesn't sound good. When pressing the string with the left finger belly, you must use the middle press, but if you touch the open string below or above, you must press it downward or upward to prevent the nail playing the open string from touching the open string and causing the noise. This must be paid attention to.

Three: chord training

Chord training is to train the chord pressing method with the right hand to draw the chords. You must play the chords according to the chord mark fingering, so as to lay the foundation for the conversion of chords. In addition, the chord conversion must be practiced frequently and know the chords. Process C-Am-Dm-G7 or C-C7-F-G7, often practice such conversion. Lay the foundation for playing and singing.

Four: Monophonic melody training

Monophonic training is mainly to train single sounds. It is best to use a metronome to train. How long each sound occupies needs to be based on the metronome. This trains the strength of the rhythm and achieves the purpose of memorizing the score. Do not compose solo music to lay the foundation in the future. This must be practiced frequently because it is the basis of finger bombing and is also a basic skill.

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Five: melody and harmony training

After the training of the above four major items, basically, the flexibility of the fingers and the coordination of the left and right hands are perfect. At this time, we must learn the melody and harmony training. The personal understanding of the melody and harmony is divided into two parts, one is the decomposition of harmony Training is to train the chords corresponding to the main melody just like playing broken chord accompaniment, and the other is parallel harmony training, which is the main melody with a lower octave or a lower six, minus six, minus third, fifth, etc. It always pops up, which is the bass part of the little bee we usually play. Above it is the main melody. This number of degrees is the interval relationship. You don’t need to understand it first, but you must train more in this way of playing. The main purpose is Basic fingerstyle.

If these five pieces of training are great, then you will basically become a half master. There is nothing to hold you up, and the music that pops up will be beautiful.

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