- Oct 31, 2018-

Bass is one of the most indispensable instruments in the band. It is mainly used in the band as a bass part and sometimes as an impromptu solo. Traditional jazz is generally based on the original bass (ie double bass) to reflect its original flavor. Synthetic bass sounds in electric bass or electronic synthesizers are often used in modern jazz (especially in fusion jazz).

Nowadays, the extensive development and popularity of electroacoustic instruments has brought about a huge change in the word of the band. The number of people has decreased. Usually, four people can organize a band, which is composed of rhythm (drums), bass (bass), chords (guitar), The main melody (keyboard). The BASS in the electroacoustic band is actually a bass guitar, the full name should be called BASS GUITAR. Application clef: bass clef, it is not appropriate to increase the octave. Appearance: The shape of the BASS is very similar to that of a typical electric guitar. It is slightly heavier and the scale is at the low position. Therefore, the strings are quite thick and the string tension is quite large, so the power of the strings is much larger than that of the guitar.