BASS musical instrument value

- Oct 31, 2018-

In the modern electroacoustic band, BASS plays the bass and rhythm as the bass part of the entire band. In a jazz band, BASS can be said to be the cornerstone of the whole band. In the harmony, it is the guide of the melody part. In the rhythm, it is the conductor of everyone. The quality of the BASS hand directly affects the effect of the band. Multi-purpose decomposition of the chord refers to the way of accompaniment, playing a transitional melody in the passage of the music, greatly enriching the tone of the band. Bass seems to be of little importance to many people. In fact, his wonderful thing is to control the rhythm of the entire band.

Although BASS and GUITAR are similar in appearance, their role in the band is completely different from their own. BASS is a necessary instrument for connecting GUITAR and DRUM. BASS must master more harmony theory, be a good communicator in the band, and have a good communication with the drum. DRUM and BASS are the most rhythmic instruments in the band, which is a wonderful feeling. Some people say that BASS is an indispensable "soul" for the electroacoustic band.