Do You Know What are the Best Times of the Day to Practice Ukulele?

- Feb 13, 2019-

Practice actually not only the movement of finger function  but also mental competition, the effect of practice basically depends on the state that cerebral cortex is in. Therefore, we must learn to use the brain scientifically.One of the most important ways is to make the most of the time you spend practicing each day. People's brain activity efficiency is different at different times of the day, and the best time to practice should be the most awake time of the day.


So when is your brain at its most waking state´╝čPhysiologists have found that there are four efficient learning periods in a day, which can be easily mastered and consolidated if properly arranged.


The first best time: after getting up in the morning

After a night of rest, the brain have eliminated the previous day's fatigue, the brain in a new state of activity, awake. At this time the memory impression will be very clear, and it is more appropriate to remember something difficult.So early morning is the best time to practice your memory.


Second best time: 8 a.m. to 10 a.m

Your energy level is in a very high situation,your brain is wired, and your ability to think is at its best. This is a great time to tackle difficult problems.


Third best time: 6 to 8 p.m

Also be the optimal moment that USES a brain, many people use this paragraph of time to review old song, deepen impression, also be the golden opportunity that practices.


The fourth best time: an hour before bed

An hour before sleep use this period of time to deepen the impression, especially for some difficult things to review, it is not easy to forget.


Above is the general study time rule, for different people, there are their own unique practice time rule and habit. In order to improve the efficiency of practice, we should be good at discovering and making full use of our unique best time.

Edit by Hodor Wong