Best way to learn ukulele

- Mar 27, 2019-

You start the ukulele? Discover the basics to know absolutely to succeed in playing the ukulele quickly without learning of superfluous things! I propose several courses that will be integrated in this lesson to start the ukulele. The essential thing is there, you will only have to practice with our great exercises to begin.

23 Inch Concert Matte Sapele Wood Ukulele

What do I learn first?

You need to know how your ukulele works, what are the elements that make it up, why you have to attack the strings in such and such a way.

How does a ukulele work?

A ukulele, it is neither more nor less than a small guitar with 4 strings with a sharper sound. It is widely used in music shops and considered as a very accessible instrument thanks to its soft strings and simple chords to perform.

The structure of a ukulele

A ukulele is made like a guitar by:

A hollow wood body, so it continues a sound box that will amplify the sound of the strings of your ukulele.

Strings, which are fixed in an easel on the body of the ukulele, and up to the mechanical or tuning keys that are placed on the head.

Between the head and the body is the handle which has boxes. The first, second, third and so on, are separated by small pieces of metal called frets.

If your ukulele can plug in, you will find a jack input to connect your ukulele to an amplifier via a jack cable. Also, a preamp built into the body and running on a battery will allow you to adjust the volume, bass or treble of your sound.

You will also find many decorations, such as markers on the handle to know where to place your fingers, or a decoration around the turn present on the body. It’s just the rosette that’s decorated! You can also attach a strap around your ukulele through the strap fastener.

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