Birch Wood Cajon Box Drum

- Apr 18, 2019-

We hope that you find the following information useful. Now we will review some very common and widely used Cajons. Give it a reading and you will learn about the main features of these famous types of Cajons. It is very helpful to make an informed decision to purchase the appropriate Cajon yourself.

Perfectly created DRUMSET groove: Supports any style of music, using bass and snare sounds from the Height series of hardwood strings Cajon in the live or studio environment (size 310*300*480mm (12.2“ * 11.8” *18.9“)) The playing surface has two different areas for bass and snare sound. Playing towards the center of cajon produces deep bass; tapping the top corner will give you a crisp slap, just like a snare drum.

Hardwood body and surface: Sturdy hardwood body, thick rubber feet with excellent sound quality, can expand your bass volume, and concentrate your rolling and corner hits to take your beats to the next level. The deep front panel provides the foundation for rich sound development. This durable playing surface provides a complete bass spectrum, cut snare drums, and responds to soft finger rolling.

Birch Wood Cajon Box Drum

Adjustable top corners and internal strings: Adjustable metal strings span the inside of the playing surface to add a snare sound and adjust from the bottom of cajon (built-in hex wrench). To change the amount of “slap” sound from a corner hit, the screw closest to the top corner can be loosened or tightened to change the amount of play between the game surface and the body.

Ideal rear microphone placement: The rear sound port is cut into the back of the resonator to allow air to escape from cajon during playback. This results in enhanced sound quality and overall feel. This is the ideal place to place the microphone when you need to zoom in.

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