board game

- Dec 08, 2019-

In real life, you may just be an ordinary student, an ordinary office worker ... but in the game, you can be a farmer who is devoted to avoiding the world and farming, or a superhero who saves the world.

The famous scientist Jan McGonigel proposed in his book "Games Change the World": Games will become a driving force for the progress of human society, a happy productive force that reshapes civilization, and a new type of future will be realized. Lifestyle is called gamified life.


As a game of the ninth art, not only can give ordinary life a richer meaning, many game works also reflect the producer's own values and thinking about the world.

For board games or all games, trying to change the world is even more difficult. After all, in the eyes of most people, they are just entertainment tools, and they are even included in the category of "playful funeral".

Some of these board games that have been designed for various purposes have become classics and spread to the world; others have poor quality and are unknown. Among them, the game designers hope that through their own efforts, the will and ideals of promoting the development of the entire society in a good direction.

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