Board Game Play in the Train Recommendations No.2: One Night's Ultimate Werewolf

- Feb 22, 2019-

Although the current mobile version of werewolf kill has popularized the game to a certain extent, due to the limitations of game attributes, it takes more time to complete a complete game of werewolf kill. But don't worry, we can still play a very interesting reasoning mouth game during the trip, "one night ultimate werewolf" brings us the essence of werewolf game, while greatly shortening the process of the game, you only need five minutes to open an inning, as long as you have enough people.

One Night's Ultimate Werewolf

So what's so fun about the one night hyper werewolf?

There is no need for a single judge, everyone can get involved in the game, just one player guiding all players to move the CARDS in order with their eyes closed during the dark stage, which is one of the most interesting parts of the game.

There will be only one night and discussion, and no player will be killed by the first knife or be killed while sitting around for an hour with his mobile phone or reading a newspaper. The interaction is excellent.

Gameplay is very short, in discussion link all players around the world have the freedom to speak, players like gag or when a bystander is completely determined by oneself is grim, and the night phase of the card with some special skills to launch makes you even don't know anything about the werewolf game can enjoy the fun of the game, this is in general a werewolf unthinkable to kill the game.

Easy to carry and many alternatives, even if there is no game, with a deck of CARDS + a rule of the commentator can start the game, this is also the best choice for the travel game. Many times we only have a deck of CARDS at hand, but we don't want to play the game of fighting the landlord, hogging the pig, tractor, etc., which we are already tired of playing. So a board game with very low card requirements, such as one night's ultimate werewolf, may be a good choice.

The game's weight value is only 1.41, which is the most important point for all ages.

The game's little box to directly can be placed in our pockets with anywhere, often on a business trip or often take part in some special parties, carry a pack of ultimate werewolf "night", all people will enjoy at the same time, friends can also because the werewolf kill charm and can't refuse the temptation of the lightening game.

Edit by Hodor Wong