Board Game Play in the Train Recommendations No.6:Sushi Go!

- Mar 05, 2019-

As a kind of healthy food with low calories and high nutrition, sushi has been more and more popular among people in recent years. Through special seasoning, the ph of food is reduced and the growth of microorganisms is inhibited. Simple but not simple production method also endows small sushi with special significance.

At present, there are all kinds of sushi shops around the world, especially with rotary sushi in the majority, the master of the production of good sushi on the plate after placed in the transport belt, the transport belt around the table of the restaurant. After dinner the clerk billed the customer according to the plates on the table.On the way to travel, although we can not enjoy the rotary sushi, but we can pass through the form of board games, but looking at the beautiful sushi illustrations is not hungry?Sushi Go! Is a simple round of Sushi. The game can be mastered by everyone through simple teaching. The scoring method is also very simple, and the routine is not very deep, so it is very suitable for playing with new friends who have never been in touch with board games.

The specific game mode is changed from "build civilization" to "eat sushi". Each player leaves a card and then chooses a card to pass to the player on the right, until all CARDS are displayed and the round ends and points are counted. The game is played in three rounds, and whoever scores the most wins. There are not many types of card combo in the game, which can be completely mastered in the first game. However, to find out the best routine of increasing points, more attempts are required, so there is no interest in trying a game because the game is too simple.

In addition to meeting all the requirements of traveling and carrying board games, the theme of Sushi and the ease of DIY are the advantages and highlights of the game.A lot of people don't like games with a lot of text on the CARDS, and even though the mechanics are simple, reading the instructions takes a lot of time. It's time to spice up your travel li fe with this appetizing board game, which starts with a game and ends with a sushi roll.

Definitely,you will want a board game bag to company the good times.


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