Board Game Play in the Train Recommendations No.9:Innovation

- Mar 28, 2019-

The historical games are competing with them for their culture and various cultural relics. For the board game industry which has developed relatively mature in Europe and America, there are numerous games with such background. Innovation, a special mechanism, will surely leave you a deeper impression.


Unlike some other card games with beautiful CARDS, this game has a large amount of text and occupies a large proportion in the game. The game mechanism is also very special, players on the small card can play a resource collection game feeling, in their own round can choose action is also more than ten percent, is a relatively test hand card management card board game.


So why would you recommend this game as a travel game, because travel also involves a lot of free time in hotels, trains and other places, and this slightly biased card game is definitely your best bet: Card drawing fine, you just need to card and several players suggest board game, the other is some of the game's operation will make you a sense of accomplishment, the play also does not feel too boring, heavy hand management mechanism of the game on the game fluency to do better, most of the time will be used on the final score and settlement, not too long the game time for players to also won't feel tired, as long as there is a familiar game players as the guide, after several rounds of the game and everyone will fall in love with this mechanism is wonderful game.

The main differences in the game are the placement rules for the CARDS and the timing of summoning the CARDS and enforcing the terms. There are some bully clauses and mutually beneficial cooperation clauses in the game that are only beneficial to you.


This game is a special encyclopedia in terms of both board and strategy. The related strategy research has been one of the topics that many players have been talking about. Although playing for a long time will feel a little boring after mastering some special routines, for those who have never been in touch with board games, this game can be said to play a video game experience, which is almost incomparable to similar games.


Edit by Hodor Wong