Buffett's ukulele is also related to his love

- Mar 15, 2019-

In a biography of Buffett, Buffett is not very popular with girls at the beginning of his sinus. "Warren only holds the Ukulele in his hand, and can't catch the girl." There is an interesting story in the room. In the story, Buffett chased a girl with others when he was young. The way to "duel" was to play the ukulele in the girl's downstairs. Although Buffett was a good artist, the girl chose his opponent. The reason was that they thought of each other. More money than him will be more promising than him. So Buffett became angry and became a generation of "share gods." Although the story is more like a joke, it also reveals how much Buffett likes the ukulele instrument.

Buffett, who likes Ukulele, met his first wife, Susan Thompson, at the age of 20, "a girl with a round face, like a doll, a light black hair." When she met Susan, Susan had a boyfriend, but it was ukulele who helped him win Susan's love. That was when they were still in college. Once, Buffett caused Susan to pay attention to him by playing with her father. At the time he played the Hawaiian ukulele, and Susan's father played the mandolin.