Buffett used to be an ukulele teacher. It is said that Bill Gates is also his student

- Mar 11, 2019-

In 2009, Buffett, the world's second richest man worth more than $40 billion, came to the classroom of the Omaha charity Girls Inc., and gave a 13-hour music lesson to 13 female students to teach children to play "Red" with Ukulele. River Valley and Happy Birthday songs. Roberta William, executive director of Girls Inc., said that a little girl walked into the teacher's office after class and said: "Our ukulele teacher is the second richest person in the world?" The teacher told her "this After the truth, the little girl went on to ask: "Will the first rich man in the world play the ukulele?" In fact, Bill Gates, the world’s richest man, also plays the ukulele, and "teacher "It is Buffett."

In December 2008, two artists hosted a charity concert in Brooklyn, New York. They played the famous rock band "Knake" with a ukulele and received a few hundred dollars in donations, and then handed the money to Buffett, who also likes the ukulele. Contributions totaled $344.23, including no change and small denominations, and a £5 note. Although Buffett did not lack this money at all, he took the money and went to the Dietzer Music Store, which sells the ukulele, and purchased 17 transparent red pianos for the girls in the school. Musical instrument store manager Dan Sullivan recalled that Buffett said that he would buy a lot of ukulele and demand a discount. He felt that Buffett’s reasons were sufficient and the two sides finally reached a deal.