[Cajon Box] A Distinctive Performance Instrument

- Mar 04, 2019-

[Cajon Box] A Distinctive Performance Instrument

Cajon box, a kind of wooden box drum. Chinese professionals call it the drum box. The English name is box drum.

It was first brought to the United States by slaves from the Midwest countries of Africa. It was popular in South America in the 17th and 18th centuries. In 2001, Peru's national institute of culture declared it a "national cultural heritage."

Now the African instrument has spread around the world. Not only professional percussionists, but other musicians are learning to play box drums. When playing, the player sits on the instrument, leans forward slightly and raises cajon at an Angle. Usable palm percussion drum face or use finger wheel drum, also somebody installs go up footplate, control with the foot knock.

This makes the box drum in some drums can replace the position of the drum.

Cajon boxs are often used in Latin music such as flamenco and rumba, and box drums are also used in some ballads music. This percussion instrument is easy to learn and fun to play. With simple instruments such as sand hammer, triangle iron and tambourine, you can form a small unplugged family band in one second. It will definitely turn you into young rockers.

Cajon box is an easy to learn and funny instrument, because the drum box has a good resonance, plus the drum box internal steel wire, so it can play a rich percussion sound. We can say that after skilled use, wooden box drum almost percussion in the hundred variable star king.

In playing skills, beginners can first practice the basic hitting techniques and rhythm. By controlling the wrist strength and tapping the central or edge position of the wooden box drum with the finger belly, various playing effects can be achieved.

Through progressive exercise different rhythm combination and with the use of feet, a small wooden box drum can bring infinite fun. How, is not and small make up the same, it is very love. With it, it will definitely be the most attention-grabbing thing on the field.

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