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- Jun 05, 2020-

Cajon is transliterated into Cahong (Spanish: cajón), Spanish originally means wooden box or drawer. When you play, you tap on the thin plate at the front of the wooden box to make a sound, which is similar to a jazz drum. Popular in Cuba, Peru, and other places. Box drums are often used in Latin music such as flamenco and rumba. Some folk music also chooses to use box drums as accompaniment.

The Cajon box drum has five sides, and the sound is different. There is a round hole for sound on the back of the box drum. Some modern-made box drums are equipped with steel wires (snare Cajon drums or string Cajon drum), which makes the sound more distinctive. There is a high space for an impromptu performance, which is suitable for accompaniment in various styles.


Zebra Wood Cajon Box

Sunburst Streak Finish Cajon Box

Although today we will see instruments like Cajon in Spanish or American music, in fact, the birthplace of Cajon is in Peru.

Cajon appeared in the coastal area of Peru and became popular among African-American slaves in Peru in the late 18th century. Cajon has become a very popular local musical instrument. At the end of the 19th century, people began to improve Cajon, for example, by modifying the material and shape of wooden boards to make Cajon get better or get more sound.

Today, Cajon often plays with acoustic guitars, and it has gradually developed into an indispensable instrument on the world stage. At the same time, with the development of music, more and more music can also hear the sound of Cajon, such as blues, pop music, rock music, funk, world music, fusion, jazz, etc. Box drums ".


cajon for beginners

Travel Cajon Drum

With the development of Cajon, players are not limited to playing only the same instrument as Cajon, more and more players are playing Cajon while adding more instruments, such as cymbals, sand buckets, tambourine, castanets and many more. At the same time, the players will also play Cajon through drum brushes or sticks, and add special Cajon stepping hammers, footing Cabasa, and cymbals for their percussion combinations, so that the players can free their hands to play more.

More percussion instruments, so that players can play more instruments to get more timbre. Cajon Box drums are gradually gaining popularity all over the world, especially some street music performance groups. Because they can play sounds similar to jazz drums, and they are also easier to carry and use than jazz drums, they have become a percussion musician in recent years.

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