Can the Whole Family Enjoy Playing Board Games—Ubongo

- Mar 13, 2019-

The great thing about Ubongo: Fun-Size is that everyone in the family can enjoy playing together.

Well, we should throw in a caveat. There are only 4 sets of polyomino shapes. So if your family has more than 4 people, you’ll have to take turns (orbuy two copies of the game).

The age on the game box says 7+, but kids younger than that will still enjoy playing the game too.We really like the simplicity of Ubongo: Fun-Size.

Just grab the deck of cards, pick a side and start playing Each player gets their own puzzle to solve.

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Because each puzzle only uses either 3 or 4 pieces, we’ve found that they’re not too challenging. So what that does instead is make it a short race game.

And as such, those who are quicker with spacial reasoning will lead the pack.There are a couple ways to even the game between players. The rules suggest one way is to have older players (or those with better skill) limit themselves by not using the yellow piece— a straight line that covers three spaces.All of the puzzles can be solved without this piece, but doing so will be more difficult than normal.

The other way we even things out is for quicker players to play the 4-piece side of the card while the others use the 3-piece side of the card.And if you’re a Tetris-puzzle solving fiend, you can also play the game solo if you’d like.

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