Card Game Storage Case

- Apr 17, 2019-

We only use high quality and durable materials made with high-end molding and stitching technology. Don’t waste your time and money. Products that are different from our Eva travel carrying case will last a lifetime.

Multi-layer protection, from a hard EVA casing to a soft contoured internal foam lining + a sturdy 360 zip closure and a convenient and comfortable hand strap. This product is very atmospheric, protected in place, protecting your favorite cards from the inside out.

Hard-wearing Travel Game Bag

Enjoy your next trip and adventure with your important gadgets, very neat and discover it in seconds, easy to carry, your device will fit perfectly with our protection and professional storage just for your device.

This bag is ideal for outdoor activities, camping, road trips, hiking, hiking, fishing, etc. It is perfect for beaches, parks, swimming pools or anywhere.

Waterproof case

Don’t worry! Enjoy your travel and travel, our super protective case provides your gadget with protection against splashes, dripping and damp barriers during outdoor activities such as boat trips, fishing, beach or camping, etc.

Soft interior lining

We can rest assured that your equipment has a good profile and a round textured foam lining protects your gadget from dents, scratches and drops. Rugged EVA housing + soft lining structure, you no longer have to worry about scratches or impact or other damage!

Small EVA Poker Game Card Case

Compact and lightweight

A tool of choice for all travellers and travel enthusiasts to make it slimmer and cute, but it’s also great for putting your gadget inside and being protected.

Quality – unique design

We have carefully crafted our Eva suitcases and used state-of-the-art technology to provide quality and practical products to every valued customer. The minimalist design of the ultra-thin design provides the perfect balance of protection for your gadgets in the casing.

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