Caring for Your Ukulele

- Jan 31, 2017-

Some environmental conditions can affect your health. The first is humidity. Ukes are made of wood and wood and absorb or lose moisture depending on the weather. Too dry, it will shrink and crack. Too moist, swell, crack or warp.

You can build a climate-controlled room for your instrument at any time, but it’s more practical to clean and check them regularly, and if necessary, put them in a box with a humidifier or take them out to dry them.

If your ukes lose their adjustments, it indicates they are too dry or too wet. The neck deforms as the humidity changes. The action will change. The optimum humidity is about 50%.

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Clean your uke regularly. It is basically the same as maintaining and cleaning a guitar. Many guitar manufacturers sell brand polishes or cleaners and fingerboard oils, which are designed for musical instruments. These are usually equally effective in cleaning and taking care of your uke. Buy two bottles. Some are sprayers and others are squeeze bottles.

Your skin will produce sweat. Sweat contains many chemicals, including salts, that can degrade wood and wood finishes and corrode lines. Instead of evaporating, they accumulate on the surface and capture more dust and dirt.

Simple cleaning and polishing will remove most of these compounds and protect your instrument. But not all cleaning materials are suitable, and it depends a lot on the finishes and wood you use. Unless your uke is boring or needs remedial work, you can use a simple cleaner instead of a polish. Polishing will enhance the luster of the shiny surface, but it will also make the satin shine shiny!

Do not use the same cleaner on your body and fingerboard. They have different needs.

Most top and side woods are made from protective materials such as polyurethane and can be cleaned with many commercial products. Most fingerboards are bare wood, so these cleaners are not suitable. Sometimes the neck is made of a different material than the top plate (such as a satin finish) and may require different care.

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