Charm of table games

- May 11, 2019-

The charm of table games by interviewing some table games enthusiasts, summed up the following points:


The biggest characteristic of table games is that they are interactive and play face-to-face together, which is very good for gathering and making friends. Analogy Tour knows a bunch of netizens, and the value of the realized friends is much higher.


Through constant practice and research, winning the game will make oneself feel satisfied and prove one's excellent attributes.

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Many table games can cultivate various aspects of knowledge, such as computing, such as cognitive. Many table games can spread knowledge through the form of games, and educate players to abide by the rules and win-win cooperation.

4.Wonderful World View

The mechanics of each board game are very clever, and the designers let the players not only entertain in the rules, but also feel the content that the author wants to express.

Finally, whether it is to promote harmonious family relations, activities between friends, self-training, it is recommended to learn board games, and regular games.