Chess game pack for storage

- Jun 27, 2019-

In daily life, chess and cards are widely used as entertainment facilities, especially for playing cards.

At present, the main style of playing cards on the market is square-shaped, with a single style function, which is generally used for adult entertainment, and is not advocated as a juvenile entertainment appliance.

The jigsaw puzzle is a widely spread puzzle jigsaw puzzle tool. It uses seven boards to create a variety of image patterns in various patchwork methods to develop children's intelligence. The existing tangrams have a single function and a small number of plates, which is only suitable for younger children to develop intellectual use. For teenagers over 8 years old, traditional jigsaw puzzles have limited intellectual development and logical reasoning ability.

At the same time, traditional jigsaw puzzles are inconvenient to carry, generally made of hard plastic, which is often used at home and is not suitable for outdoor use.

Of course, in order to accommodate these chess games and cater to the needs of the market, the chess game package was born, and the troubles of storage were solved for the public, and many troubles were saved.

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