Children are suitable for learning musical instruments

- Sep 12, 2019-

Learn music through an instrument, cultivate sentiment, and promote the comprehensive development of children's mind and body. Children learn music from a few years old, this is the first problem that should be solved. Specifically: children can learn piano from the beginning of two or three years old, learning violin can be 3 years old, learning cello and erhu can start from 5 years old.


However, due to the differences in the quality of children and the differences in their influence, the psychological and physical development of children of the same age is very different. Therefore, it is not only possible to look at the age, but also to determine the time when the child has the conditions for learning the instrument. Such as: physical health, intellectual development, interest in music. If the child does not express great interest in learning the instrument, it is difficult to learn. At this time, he is allowed to listen to music, dance, and perform.

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