Classic Popular Board Game Recommendations (1)

- Feb 18, 2019-

Classic Board Game Recommendations(I)

Board games originated from Germany and have been popular in Europe and America for decades. Now, Chinese fans of werewolf and SGS have pushed table games to a new level. In fact, in addition to werewolf, there are many types of board games, involving war, culture, art, history and many other aspects, so by different enthusiasts love. Also because of the board game interaction and participation, become friends gathering, family gathering in the essential game. Today I'm going to introduce some of the most popular board games, which are very suitable for people to meet and play together.



Avalon board game

Avalon is an extended fan series based on resistance, and is set in the legend of king Arthur. The game mechanism is similar to that of "werewolf", which is divided into good camp and bad camp, and two teams need to be formed to fight against each other. It is popular among table fans for its fun. The props of the game are simple, the role of high involvement, and the player can participate in the whole process, not out, suitable for logical reasoning fans, the test is the tacit understanding of the players with. It is recommended that 5-10 people participate and 10 people cap. The game time is about 30 minutes.



Dixit is an imaginative game produced and released by a French company. This game is loved by players because of its different styles, delicate and lovely pictures of CARDS, simple rules and endless fun. The game has 84 new CARDS, 6 pieces, 6 different colors, 3-6 players are needed. In the game, players will be challenged to imagine the space. The game time is about 30 minutes. Some players describe this game is: with a variety of ways to express what they see, with imagination to guess what others see, with the means to confuse others think, more like a psychological game.

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