Classic Board Game Recommendations (III)

- Feb 19, 2019-

The last two are the more difficult ones in today's recommendations,you will love it if you played once,and it requires more time.Winning the game is not as easy as it seemslet’s find out what's behind it.


5:The Da Vinci code

The Da Vinci code

Da Vinci code is a German board game with simple rules but high playability. It is also a good parent-child game. In this game, there are 13 black number CARDS and 13 white number CARDS. In this game, you need to infer the opponent's number CARDS through the number CARDS in your hand. The player who can hide the number CARDS to the last can win. Competitive, with a bit of luck and logic, for 2-4 players, about 15 minutes.




Who is the tauren king, also known as 6 Nimmt! Or Take 6, a highly playable card game that is simple but fun. There is no too strong antagonism, suitable for leisure time between friends to play. The game consists of 104 CARDS with Numbers 1-104. Each number card is marked with a different number of heads. During the process of the game, each player will continuously receive CARDS, and the number of bull points means negative points, and finally the player who takes more is the loser. Suitable for 2-10 participants. The game lasts about 45 minutes.


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