Classical Guitar

- Sep 14, 2020-

The classical guitar was originally called the classical six-string guitar, which was named after it was shaped in the classical period. The harp and lute are both Western plucked instruments (classical stringed instruments). The name of classical guitar does not mean that it is limited to playing classical music. Different music styles, such as classical music, flamenco, jazz, etc, can all be played with classical guitar.


The classical guitar is also a member of the guitar family and should be listed among the world's three major musical instruments alongside the piano and violin. It is equivalent to the harp and lute and belongs to the category of classical strings. On the fingerboard from the string, saddle & nut to the junction of the guitar neck and the guitar body, there are 12 frets, the fingerboard is wider, the nylon strings are used, the sound quality is pure and the sound is rich, and there is no protective plate. It is mainly used to play classical music. It has strict requirements from the performance posture to finger touch. The skills are profound. It is the most artistic, representative, adaptable, deepest, and most affirmed by the art world in the guitar family. class.




Classical guitar is a kind of musical instrument with nylon string (intestine of sheep 100 years ago) that is shaped according to the style more than 200 years ago. The structure of the classical guitar is obviously different from other musical instruments (folk guitar, electric guitar, etc.); the classical guitar is mainly solo, taking into account a certain amount of ensemble, concerto, etc.; direct finger performance combined with various special performance techniques; from music In terms of performance: classical guitar mainly plays classical music, taking into account a certain amount of modern classical music. The delicate and changeable timbre, rich multi-part harmony performance ability, can interpret the music of different periods, different styles, and different nationalities freely.

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