Classification of musical instruments

- Aug 02, 2019-

Traditional taxonomy mainly refers to the traditional taxonomy formed in the history of ancient high-cultural areas. Including: China's octave classification (gold, stone, silk, bamboo, enamel, earth, leather, wood); two types of India (stringed instruments, gas instruments), five types (single leather instrument, double leather instrument, former instrument , wind instruments and gas instruments) and four categories (leather instruments, stringed instruments, metal percussion instruments, gas instruments).

Stringed instruments are an important branch of the instrument family. In classical music and even modern light music, almost all lyrical melody is played by the string part.

Woodwind instruments originated very early, and evolved from human whistle, reed flute and so on. Woodwind instruments are the most extensive instruments in the musical instrument range and are often used to express scenes of nature and country life. In the symphony orchestra, as an accompaniment and solo, it has a unique charm and is an important part of the symphony orchestra.

The predecessor of the brass instrument was mainly the military number and horn used for hunting. The number of copper tubes used in early symphonies was small. For a long time, the symphony orchestra used only two horns, sometimes adding a trumpet in the first half of the 19th century, while brass instruments were widely used in symphony orchestras.

In the keyboard instrument series, all instruments have one thing in common, and that is the keyboard. However, there are subtle differences in their vocal methods, such as the piano as a percussion percussion instrument and the electronic synthesizer using modern electroacoustic technology.

Percussion instruments are probably the oldest family in the instrument range. This family has many members and different characteristics. Although their sounds are simple, some sounds are not even music, they play an important role in the music atmosphere.

In the field of musical instruments, many non-music creators, such as drums in ancient warfare, religious prayers, are also regarded as musical instruments, and even some production labor tools and daily life appliances.

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