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- Apr 12, 2019-

Are you looking for small card case?At the Height will give you the answer you want.

We developed this case because we are fans of Magic and want a better way to hold/sell our cards. Since we run a small manufacturing company (very happy with a custom case series!) we decided to make some magic cases for our own use. We really like the final product, we think it should be shared with other magic players! The case you see in the photo is the end result of our small project! We know how much you put into your card (because we put a lot of money into our cards!), why not put them in a high quality case?

Case For Funny Tabletop Games


What is the details of the case you asked? Ok, let’s tell you! This is a handcrafted wooden hardshell case made of Eva+Oxford+Velvet lining +velco.The housing dimensions are: 260*190*75mm.This game case suit for : middle or small size cards, or game cards, small accessories protection storage case.

EVA foam is the latest foam insert technology with a softer texture, greater elasticity and superior compression recovery. Due to its high level of chemical cross-linking and uniform cell structure, this material is also particularly suitable for thermoforming and cost-effective molds. The result is a semi-rigid but super soft mat for the most critical cargo.


When you purchase this case, your game card will be securely placed in a portable carrying case, giving you the safest protection of your favorite game card. Buy with confidence,


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