Dance on your fingertips

- Aug 01, 2019-

Kalimba chords have a simple way to play, and you can use the ukulele or piano staves to simply combine the accompaniment chords and the main melody into a new two-tone or portamento, which is reflected in the thumb piano.

Since Kalimba's scales are usually arranged in left-right order, when we play the full eight scales, we need to play the left and right hand's thumbs in order, which is still different from the piano.

Playing chords with Kalimba can play three or more scales at the same time, or you can play rhythm chords at a certain rhythm, just like a guitar breaking a chord.

We can take the guitar score and simply combine the accompaniment chords with the main melody. This is simpler and more flexible in Kalimba. This method is very suitable for some songs with relatively slow tempo and relatively simple chords.

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