Dead Man's Draw

- Mar 12, 2019-

Dead Man's Draw KS group purchase request for more detailed instructions from a website.The accessory is only a simple set of brand sketch game, which failed to raise funds on Kickstarter before successfully raising funds after making IOS version (Dead Man's Draw can be searched by AppStore)

Players take turns playing rounds and can only do one thing during a turn: draw a card!

EVA Carrying Case For Board GameBoard game card

Draw CARDS from the central library and display them. Repeat this process until you no longer want to draw or draw the same pattern of CARDS.

Draw the card of same pattern to explode, the card that draw is abandoned entirely. So you wasted a turn, greedy boy!

If finished, you should draw the card in front of their own as a score, the same pattern of CARDS only count the highest card.

Each card has a special effect, are very simple and easy to remember, so that there are only patterns on the surface of no text...

It's a fast game. It ends in 10 minutes. Play very top, is a good leisure game.

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