Detailed explanation of the top ten board game accessories; layout articles (2)

- Oct 03, 2019-

Many of the maps in the board game are based on mythological stories. In Norse mythology, with the end of creation, the Tree of the World divides the whole world into three layers and nine parts. The upper level is the Asgard inhabited by Asa, the Warner of Warner, the Warner of the Warners, and the Alfheim, where the elves live. It is surrounded by a green wilderness, in a river that never freezes. the other side. The kingdom of the gods has a solemn castle full of skyscrapers, and the "Gladsheim" of Odin is here. Its hall is the famous Hall of the Spirit, and in the territory of "Blood Fury", the Hall of the Spirit is an extra small The map, the sacrificial people will go there. The middle is dominated by the atrium of the sea, Midgart, but the giants of the gods also live on this layer. The bottom is full of the world of death, The bottom layer is the country of the dead or the country of the fog - Niflheim (Nibelungen). This is a cold and foggy place, a place of permanent night, only the dead can arrive.


The central tree of the world, surrounded by gold, ice flame valley, sad land and dark fog, are all places that have appeared in Norse mythology. "Blood Fury" made some adjustments and put them on a flat layout. The land, trees, mountains and waters were more realistic, and they also showed the atmosphere of the Nordic suffocating.


There are a lot of layouts, and there is a separate one that becomes a lot smaller. This type of map is more commonly used in American board games, because American board games usually need to explore new terrain, such as "Deep Jedi" and "Crazy House". For example, "Crazy House 2" is the case. The player plays an investigator and is constantly adventuring in a big house. It can carry out a series of actions such as exploring, identifying and clearing monsters. It can continuously enter new rooms and open. New map section. Whether it is the bathroom, the bedroom or the hall, the painting on the board is still relatively image, giving a good sense of substitution. Depending on the story you choose, the open sections will be different.


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