Difference between Ukulele and Guitar

- Mar 29, 2019-

Between Ukulele and Guitar, the most prominent difference is their size. Anyone, who is a stranger to stringed musical instruments, may get deceived with a toy guitar for a ukulele. Such is their similarities in appearance, except for the size. It is a fact that a vast majority of human beings are lovers of music of one or the other kind.

There are scores of musical instruments that have the potential to rock individuals to sheer ecstasy whenever there is a skillful player giving a performance. Out of these instruments, which are mostly percussion and string based, guitar has a place of its own being a vital cog in all bands and music concerts. Most of us are not only aware of the guitar, but also love the music it produces.

However, not many know about the ukulele, a distant cousin of the guitar that is famous in Hawaii and was brought there by migrating Portuguese. Let us try to differentiate betwe What is the difference between Ukulele and Guitar?

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Guitar is a world famous musical instrument. Ukulele is a musical instrument having Portuguese origins, but more famous in Hawaii Islands.

Place of Origin:

Guitar is believed to have originated in Spain.

Ukulele is believed to have originated in Hawaii.

Type of Instrument:

Guitar is a string instrument.

Ukulele is also a string instrument.

Number of Strings:

Guitar has six strings

Ukulele has four strings.

String material:

Classical guitars have nylon strings while acoustic and electric guitars have steel strings.

Ukulele comes with nylon strings.

Tuning on a Standard Ukulele and Guitar:

Guitar‘s standard tuning is EBGDAE.

Ukulele‘s standard tuning is GCEA.


Guitar produces more bass sound of the two.

Ukulele produces a higher sound than a guitar.


Being smaller in size, ukulele is more portable than guitars.


Ukuleles are much cheaper than guitars.

Lesser strings mean lesser notes to remember making it easier to play ukulele than a guitar.en these two stringed instruments.

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