Difference between ukulele and guitar

- Feb 26, 2020-

First:Configuration and playing skills

Ukulele is also called a "four-string guitar". It originated in Hawaii and is essentially a small guitar with only four nylon strings. The difference between guitar and ukulele can be seen from several aspects:

1.In appearance, Ukulele is not much different from a guitar, but it is a lot worse in volume. The folk guitars we usually see are 39-inch, 40-inch, and 41-inch. The most common Ukulele sizes are 21-inch, 23-inch, and 26-inch, which are significantly smaller.

2. In configuration, the guitar and ukulele are very different. Folk guitars normally use steel strings, while Ukulele uses nylon strings. In this regard, ukulele is similar to classical guitar.

3. They are also quite different in their playing technique and range. The acoustic guitar playing technique is more colorful and the sound range is wider. In contrast, ukulele is relatively simple in technique with its sound range concentrated in the treble zone, which is suitable for playing fresh and lively music.

So actually, the difference between Ukulele and folk guitar is very big. The short nylon strings and long steel strings determine the need to play in different ways, and the sounds produced are very different. The range of the guitar is wider, and the expression of emotion is very rich when playing. But ifyouwant to play a relaxed, happy, lazy little song, relax, Ukulele's tone is more suitable than guitar.

glossy kamaka tenor ukulele1

Second :Voices and Arrangements

The characteristic of Ukulele is that it has only four strings and no bass strings, so the color of the chords that pop up may not be obvious, and often two different chords will appear, which are exactly the same according to the law. This is not good for practicing chop songs and learning music theory. The six strings of the guitar allow us to fully appreciate the difference between chords. Playing Cmaj7 and C on Ukulele may not sound the same, which is very obvious on the guitar. Playing the guitar for a long time is very helpful for practicing sheet music and music theory.

Speaking of arranger, Ukulele is not a musical instrument with sound range as its strength. Ukulele's tone is very special, very soft when plucked. Ukulele needs a lot of right-hand skills in order to show different sounds. For example, Ukulele can use a lot of flamenco skills, such as 5 Finger roll, even 10 Finger roll.

With the same song, if you compose a guitar song, the tone level is very rich, and the 6 strings will also increase the requirements for the player. Ukulele's timbre is soft and light, and the performance is not as high as a guitar. To be precise, there are no advantages or disadvantages between the two. They are completely different styles: the guitar range has a complete range of sounds; the Ukulele range has a narrow and light rhythm, and the sound is empty.

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