Do you have trouble taking board games away?

- Apr 06, 2019-

In the early 21st century, board games landed in China and became popular among white-collar workers. But with the popularity of board games, we are also faced with a problem, which is how to put our board games together and take them away when we have a holiday party or travel?


Let me talk about my troubles to take away board games:

1.When I drive my motorcycle to party, but there's no place for my board games. If I just find backpack for my board game and I can only fit two or three big board games, there would be no spare space for anything else.


2.When I go to the exhibition, I want to bring 7 big board games .But I can only carry it in an IKEA bag. The thought of having to walk around for hours with seven big board games hanging from my arm, cutting off my blood flow, causing pain and discomfort, made me want to cry.


3. When I visit board game bag online, I found that the price was beyond my budget, and many people complained that the quality was not good, and the zipper broke after several times.


4. When I buy a board game bag, what else can I do with it?


Then I found a a board game package that could solve all my troubles above --Height HTBG01-WH cajon bag.

Cajon Bag for Board Game


Some advantages of their products are as follows:

1.Adjustable reinforced ergonomic shoulder straps and carry handle make for easy transport.


2.Holds up to 7pcs board games and room for some accessories!


3. Reasonable price and high quality.

High strength nylon with reinforced stitching and thick 10 mm padding, sturdy 600D Oxford and 210T nylon, makes the bag can hold 10-15KG weight .  Using oxford, mesh and sponge, so the handle is comfortable when you take it and very strong to hold the bag. Also we use cross& squre sewing way on the top of the games bag ,also to make it durable.


4.The HEIGHT BAG was created to carry Cajon Drums , an percussion instrument originally from Peru. The Cajon drums are mostly made from wood. So for a musician, when carrying his instrument, it is important to protect it, the same way it is important for a board gamer to protect his games And When I go to a friend's house for the night, I can not only bring multiple board games, but also put some clothes, laptops etc.


What reasons do you have not to buy this bag?A safe, compact, affordable way to carry board games, available in Height Musical Instrument.


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