Do you know the difference between an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar?

- Nov 13, 2020-

The basic difference between acoustic guitar and electric guitar:

1. Acoustic guitar strings are tighter than electric guitars, and it is more difficult to pluck, while electric guitars are easier to pluck.

2. An electric guitar must be connected to a speaker to make a loud guitar sound, and an effector to play different effects. The acoustic guitar can also use the resonance box to sound without a speaker, which is convenient to carry and play at any time.

3. The cost of playing acoustic guitar is low, just one guitar and one pickup, you can perform on stage.

To play an electric guitar, you must have speakers and effects. Even if you practice, you must plug in the speakers.

The difference between the two in performance:

1. Electric guitars are irreplaceable when playing heavy metal rock music. Electric guitars are wild, crazy, swaying, and dynamic.

Acoustic guitar is more suitable for playing lyric songs, unplugged country style, blues style. These are not played by electric guitars. Acoustic guitar is fresh, refreshing, happy, and beautiful melody.

2. Electric guitars rely on drums, pianos, electronic organs, etc., and require other musical instruments to play together.

The solo ability of the acoustic guitar is stronger than that of the electric guitar, and it does not need other instruments to play a moving melody.

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