Do you need a match tower for playing a dice board game?

- Jan 09, 2020-

1. The tower has passed through several compartments, and the raft has got enough tumbling in it, so its randomness must be much better than pure hand throwing.

2, The game of the tower should have the following characteristics

a, the number of times the dice are needed, such as Manila, the number of steps to move the boat by throwing the dice.

b. Need to render the atmosphere, such as the small black house, when using the tweezers as a verification tool, it is very sensible to use the tower.

c.Token is especially large and small. For example, the Cold War hot bucket, if you don't pay attention to the scorpion, you will hit the influence sign and affect the game experience.

wholesale dice

If you have a similar cold war hot bucket, Catan Island, etc., there are a lot of small tokens at the same time, it is recommended to buy one. In other cases, the box cover of the board game can be used. For example, if we play the four seasons, we will use the cover directly.

3.I bought dice;as a game tool before I bought the raft.Dice is also a good thing to strengthen the randomness of the scorpion. The difference between the two is of course not small. One uses gravity to increase randomness. One uses hand-cranking. The feeling of playing is of course different.

I also used Manila to play with Manila. It feels like gambling. Of course, it is convenient to carry, but it is only suitable for small dice. For those who need to throw a large number of large dice, you may not be able to put it down. For example, in the four seasons and the small black house, the number of dice required is more than 3-5. The ordinary dice can't put it down.

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