Durable Tabletop Games Bag

- Mar 13, 2019-

The Board Game Garage is the perfect solution for carrying and storing your favorite games and accessories of all shapes and sizes, including popular oversized games that are just too big for other bags. Its versatility and style are unmatched! No more messing around with flimsy department store bags or bags that are too small for the games you want to play. The Board Game Garage looks great and works great. Game night made easier!

The adjustable and removable shoulder strap allows for easy carrying of even the heaviest games. Side handles offer additional strength and flexibility. The shoulder strap is included at no additional cost!

Padded Board Game Carrying Bag

Features ofdurable tabletop games bag:

· Protect your board games with this strong and durable carrying bag.

· Polyester/Nylon blend bag features reinforced stitching and 10mm padding.

· Adjustable reinforced shoulder strap and carry handle make for easy transport.

· Holds up to 2pcs 12x12x3 inch "Ticket to Ride" box-sized board games, plus additional side pocket storage! And more than 10-15pcs small size games.

· Keeps your board games horizontal while front flap opens up for easy display.

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