Easy Way to Carrying Your Board Game

- Apr 09, 2019-

     Exit the plastic crates to your game night. They are very embarrassing to carry.

Use the design and size of the board game bag to perfectly keep your game. And fill to protect them.If you have longer hiking, you can use the reinforced top strap to carry it easily or throw it on your back.


 “12” wide, perfect for the “standard” board game box size. Suitable for seven big games. Or do what most people do and pack 5 big cards, then stuff 8 small games into the top. Maybe put some card games in the front pocket. Of course you have time to play 15 games tonight!

HTBG01-WT board game bag


    Play safely on the plane for 20 games, suitable for family travel or vacation. Carry it or check it. A large number of games participate in the game conference. Carry all your favorite games on the cruise ship and your cruise has limited space. Easily transport your game from the cottage to your desktop and back. Carry a game library with you on the go. No need to worry about the space inside the car! Boards&Bits Traveler makes game nights a breeze. You can participate in up to 20 games without boxes or 4-6 games. Going out for the weekend? The bag is big enough for clothes, toiletries, shoes, laptops and several board games.


    The number of games for Boards&Bits Traveler depends on the majority of each game and  the way the game is packaged.


     Plastic drill bags are not included. You can pack the game according to your preferences: frozen zipper bag (our favorite), plastic bag, etc. You can even use it in flat and other storage solutions.


     If you don’t travel, you can remove the velcro/bit separator and simply put the game in the bag to shuttle the game on regular game nights and provide thicker protection!


     The Boards&Bits Traveler features a rugged “wraparound” strap. The shoulder strap and handle strap are always wrapped under the bag (as shown below), reinforcing the bag and allowing it to carry some heavy weight. This bag also has double stitching in key areas.

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