Electric bass

- Oct 31, 2018-

Electric bass appeared around 1920s. In almost a hundred years of this, its playing methods and musical instrument construction have made great progress.

At first, it was based on the chord of the string bass (double bass) and the structural principle of the guitar. In other words, it is a bass guitar based on the double bass. Later, due to the need of the jazz music player, the character was removed. But in the modern age, this kind of Frettleless Bass is commonly used in music such as Soul, HipHop, R&B. No product bass can make a very delicate and rounded portamento; and the strings can be adjusted very low without the problem of string playing; in the high position, you can make a unique similar "cating" "The same tone is a type of instrument that many bass players love. Of course, because there is no silk in the bass, there is a stricter requirement for the proficiency and pitch of the performer.

In the playing method, electric bass has been around the multi-modern music style produced in the 20th century. The most common one is the FingeredBass, and almost all young people who play the electro-acoustic band will play a few times. This method of playing is suitable for almost all Pop music, and it is also the most important basic method of Jazz and Latin music. The simplest is also the most difficult to play, and the most flexible method. There is also a way to play by picking up (PickedBass), which is derived from electric guitars. Its sound is brighter than the hand, and it is mostly used for Rock and Punk music. It should be noted that this method of picking is not suitable for playing non-product bass. There is also a way of playing the most representative of the electric bass, the so-called SlapBass, which is also a way to play with your fingers, but not with the fingertips for ordinary playing, but with The big finger and other fingers hit the strings and hook strings on the strings.